A short walk down memory lane...

A long time ago a FTB mod-pack appeared called Magic Farm.

We liked this mod-pack and decided to make a server based on it. After a bit of re-work and setup, we did just that. And, we called that server "FooFarm". We had a lot of fun with this and met a lot of great players and staff. It was a good time.

We were one of the first servers running this mod-pack and had a lot of success with it. Thank you if you were part of that history.

Eventually the FTB mod-pack Magic Farm was revised. FooFarm also kept up with the changes and we maintained a server to play that pack.

Then the FTB support of the mod-pack and the direction of the mod-pack developer diverged from the intent of FooFarm.

We made a mod pack called MondoCrypt, Departed, and those were interesting. This was just prior to the Dark-Times when the Bukkit fiasco was about to unfold.

Then, things became confusing and the site (and game) withered - partly due to the long period of Unrest in the Minecraft Community - and partly out of disgust with the general attitude of so-called Minecraft luminaries.

Now, at the close of 2020, things are being refreshed. The site is back, the server is back and we're in the business of making a lean and simple mod pack for the FooFarm server.

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